Using our tailored made startup programs, you can benefit from our seasoned teams with Startup track record that can show you the way and deliver quality results on time and within budget.

Our programs include a range of services that guarantees the technical success of the startup, avoiding many of the problems that make a startup fail:

  • Burn rate out of control
  • No market need
  • Team challenges
  • Delays to go to market / Product mistimed
  • Poor UX / Poor product
  • Ignored customers

Suitable for

✓ Pre-Seed
✓ Seed
✓ Series A
✓ Series B
✓ Public
✓ Accelerators
✓ Investors
✓ Incubators


We are a designer of industry-leading secure software and products.

Benefit from solutions that are developed to the highest classification level.

Protect your organization with government-level and enterprise-level security architecture.

Our technologies include:

  •  Private VPN infrastructure design and implementation
  •  Encryption solutions for communication and data access
  •  Custom hardware solutions
  •  Secure mobile phones
  •  Secure user terminals and thin client
  •  Network security assessment
  •  Governmental network restrictions avoidance

Suitable for

✓ Government Agencies
✓ Security Companies
✓ Private Investigators
✓ Large Enterprises
✓ Law Firms
✓ Telecom & Cloud Providers

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