DevSecOps solutions tailored made for

  • Security focused software development companies
  • Startups
  • Organizations with Auditing & Compliance Requirements

We onboard teams and leadership to the DevSecOps mindset by transferring our acquired knowledge of secure software handling and delivery.

Advising you and your engineers on applying DevSecOps best practises in a standardized way across your organization.

Our solutions are

  • Non disruptive
  •  Integrated with Gitlab CI/CD, CircleCI, and Github Actions among others.
  • Based on proven and established technologies
  • Providing solutions for each aspect of the DevSecOps pipeline

Our Technology Stack

✓ Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment
✓ Identity and Access Management
✓ Federated resource access
✓ Secure Code management
✓ Secure Artifact delivery
✓ Customer Supply Chain attestation
✓ Full CI/CD integration

Looking for a unique solution to your unique challenges?